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  1. Jamod

    does Mi8 SE has hdmi connection?

    hello, as written in the title.. can the mi8 se be connected with a hdmi port on a flatscreen over the OTG port, so you can see the screen from the phone without lag (screen mirroring)? Thanks
  2. Jamod

    Boot Mi5s In Safe Mode?

    i want to boot in safe mode because i have browser ad popups that should not be there. so anybody knows how to set the safe mode on mi5s? usual key kombinations don't work. thx
  3. Jamod

    How To Update From Twrp 3.0.2 To 3.1.1 ?

    can i use the old twrp to install the new image? is it so easy or do I have to wipe anything on the data partition?
  4. Jamod

    Miui Gallery Service Wakelocks

    the gallery service *job*/ shows a cpu wakelock time about 10 minutes after 3 hours of standby. anyone know how to get that down? thats more than the qfp fingerprint wakelocks.
  5. Jamod

    Overclocking Mi5s

    Hello, has anyone tried to overclock the mi5s to mi5s plus specs of 2,35ghz? is it possible with the eu.rom kernel? what is the change in ram and gpu speed? I know.. it is not necessary but just for fun. Thx
  6. Jamod

    Usb C To Hdmi Adapter/connection

    hey folks, I want to use my mi5s with different emulators and bluetooth gamepad on screen. with the wireless connection there is a delay, because of that I would like to use an adapter. Does anyone knows what type of hdmi adapter works? There are so many different options.. and do I need any...
  7. Jamod

    Wireless Charging?

    hello, does anyone know if the mi5s is capable of being charged wireless, with induction ? i think it's called iq charging or something like that. thanks