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    Lockscreen does not work after receiving a call

    I am having an issue. When hang up after receiving a call, the Lockscreen does not work anymore ( unless rebooting the phone). This does not occur when the call is initiated by me. I have to reboot my phone now cause I have just answered to a call. :( Sent from my HTC HD2 using the...
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    Contacts and WiFi are swapped in Backup

    When try to backup system in latest MIUI build (1.5.6 HD2 with lang pack 1) - WiFi is displayed instead of Contacts. So, to backup WiFi settings you have to select to backup Contacts in list :) Sent from my HTC HD2 using the Forums App
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    Cannot browse SD card to add themes from different folders at one go

    After importing a theme, when try to import another theme the previous folder (from where first theme was imported) cannot be leaved (up one level arrow is missing). In order to import another theme from a different folder, theme manager must be closed. Sent from my HTC HD2 using the...