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    Root android 11

    Search the forums for your answer. This question has been asked numerous times.
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    Any way to permanently decrypt data? (Poco F2 Pro)

    Hi all. So basically my phone soft bricks itself whenever I go to flash a rom clean. As in, if I'm on Miui 12 and want to revert back to Miui 11, I would make a full backup, wipe system, data (not internal storage) and caches, and simply flash a new rom. Reboot would force me back into TWRP...
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    Poco F2 Pro Miui 11 Fingerprint sensor not active

    First and foremost, thank you for your response! Tried looking at the link, but didn't really find any solutions. However, I didn't realize that the stable MIUI 12 build was still Android 10 and not 11, so I'll flash that and should hopefully have magisk working for root. That was the main...
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    Poco F2 Pro Miui 11 Fingerprint sensor not active

    Hey all. I'm new in town here and the F2 pro is my first Xiaomi phone. I have a history with OnePlus devices and did a lot of flashing on them. I originally flashed the Miui12 zip for my phone, but I really want to use root so I tried flashing back to miui 11. I formatted in TWRP, transfered...