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  1. s01o

    Working Xposed Framework V78 Miui Edition By Solarwarez 5.0 & 5.1

    For all MIUI users: - greetings for @SolarWarez from forum! I test it and work perfect to my XIAOMI Mi Note Pro 5.11.19 / Android 5.1.1 / arm64 / sdk22 !!! :)
  2. s01o

    New MIUI V6 - How to restore original button functions, as in V5?!

    V6 Left settings button, and central Home button not work properly! :( Left "Menu button" open recent apps ??!?! WTF? - and central "Home button" is empty function!? :( V6 original file in: /system/usr/keylayout/atmel-maxtouch.kl # Copyright (c) 2012, The Linux Foundation. All rights...
  3. s01o

    Mi3 WCDMA fastboot 4.1.10 EU mirror -Dev. 4.1.10 and Stock 3.0 updated + New MiFlash 1. MiPhone20131108.exe 2. miui_MI3-WCDMA_4.1.10_fastboot_4.3_su2jfqb857.exe 3. miui_MI3-WCDMA_JXDCNAL3.0_fastboot_4.3_zb5qfafajs.exe Tutorial: ! See...
  4. s01o

    New HongMi Red Rice WCDMA and problem

    After restart phone, Sound > Vibrate on touch > Off - not saved?! Why? - i use this ROM!!!
  5. s01o

    Video problem after update V5 3.3.x

    Also, when all of us have a problem with displaying items in ingress! XM energy on the map, or displayed, or artifacts! Starting to think it's a hardware problem! Here's an example from today!
  6. s01o

    Gtalk problem!

    It is unable to video chat & voice using gtalk . Every time I video chat & voice with my friends using gtalk it always quite automatically. My Mi-2 is MIUI Dev. 2.12.17 ?! Any ideas why?
  7. s01o

    Where to buy Mi-2 Anti glare screen protector ???

    Hi ! Where to buy Mi-2 Anti glare screen protector ??? Any ideas?
  8. s01o

    Howto change "NetworkLocation.apk" on MIUI JLB4.0 (Stabile Build) Hi, There is a pretty big problem in the official MIUI ROM on my Mi-2/16GB MIUI version: JLB4.0 My phone (Mi-2/16GB) can't determine my location via Network based location services. I guess this has to do with Baidu being the provider instead of Google...