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  1. katerpanne

    Can't connect my Mi9TPro on any computer. Code 43. No Root.

    there are so many root causes for this error. I think you have tested a lot of workarounds. I am wondering that no computer connects it did you try to disable all usb devices under usb controller, restart computer and then enable them? right mouse, update driver….
  2. G

    Can't connect my Mi9TPro on any computer. Code 43. No Root.

    ...and on device manager it shows Code 43. ADB Fastboot doesn't show my device, list of devices connected is blank. Notifications on Android System are on but MTP notifications doesn't appear. Tried turning it on and off, nothing worked. My phone isn't rooted, Wifi ADB requires it to be rooted.
  3. katerpanne

    Can't connect my Mi9TPro on any computer. Code 43. No Root.

    ...need the ADB / Fastboot Tools download it here If you have installed the drivers already, switch on the USB-Notification Settings -> Apps -> Manage apps -> Android System -> Notifications (scroll down) -> USB connection * Toggle on "Show notifications" As a workaround install the tool...
  4. Birraque

    New [solved] VoLTE not working on davinci...and how I won the war!

    One last input for you and for all others Poco F3's owners and Vivo Brazil Carrier subscribers. Our model M2012K11AG is included in the Anatel 5G Supported Device List then if VoLTE/WiFi it isn't active yet it will be automatically enabled very soon. Regards,
  5. Birraque

    MIUI 13 22.6.22

    ...reports may be related with Xiaomi and/or App Dev side. Confirmation and some troubleshooting could be needed. I also notice some improvements and changes on performance and stability of modem radio 4G/5G, bluetooth and WiFi that seems to be on the right direction from Xiaomi side. Best...
  6. Moon4Lxrd

    Mobile Data turning On and Off (really fast)

    ...this bug/problem recently (or the last time I tried mobile data) on my Mi11 Ultra So far I've tried: Rebooting, Airplane Mode, Toggling Wifi, Turning off data restrictions, Setting mobile data to 2G, 3G, and back, and also booting into safe mode. Nothing is working. Then just a while ago I...
  7. N

    Constant reboot issue on Mi 9 SE (grus)

    ...the battery had no effect. Yesterday I reset the phone for the second time and did not set up anything on it - it's not even connected to wifi, no gmail account, nothing installed. It lasted 14 hrs and then rebooted by itself. So I think Xiaomi screwed up the software running on this phone...
  8. T

    New Bluetooth doesn't turn on or search for any devices.

    ...working... I've cleared cache and data on bluetooth apk but still nothing... even tried reinstall the rom again... also restored data on WiFi and Bluetooth and still have no Bluetooth connection or can't search... in the notifications panel keeps trying to turn on but it doesn't.. HELP
  9. L

    New No wifi calling on rom

    Hi, I have a Mix 4 and when it works on latest china stable rom wifi calling is working. I flashed xiaomi eu weekly rom and vowifi doesn't work. I live in Poland and my carrier name is "Play". Is any solution to fix this?
  10. Rodrigo N. Leles

    New [solved] VoLTE not working on davinci...and how I won the war!

    The service was intermittent because it was deploying on the line, I believe. Once it has firmed up, green or red, apparently it doesn't matter, it's starting to work normally. But, anyway, it's green again...
  11. Birraque

    New [solved] VoLTE not working on davinci...and how I won the war!

    ...that you reported is related with that. When forced the auto detect doesn't work anymore and you'll have to troubleshoot it after every ROM update and maybe when shutdown as you mention. Vivo-SP Carrier did some 5G rollout today and I saw a lot of VoLTE/WiFi been automatically enabled on Xiaomi.
  12. Blade_

    MIUI 13 22.6.15

    Didn't mention the phone, poco f2 Pro
  13. Blade_

    MIUI 13 22.6.15

    Thanks for the update i notice two issues in 2-3 last roms, battery doesnt last as before and sometimes it doesnt autoconnect to wifi when im back at home or office
  14. P


    ...flashing some Magisk module or sideload something? On mi10 lite 5g (monet) there is no way to make my Google backup to restore setting/saved WiFi atd and I havent done backup on miui cloud... Tried 13.0.2 and 13.0.3 versions none of them works... Even after setup is done and I try to make...
  15. Birraque

    MIUI 13 22.6.15

    Not ever a single time. Data (Carrier/WiFi) connection is stable for me.
  16. Patybello

    MIUI 13 22.6.15

    Mi 10 Umi, the name of the phone in the wifi, is not recognized, it is named in the generic name Android-2
  17. L

    New [Redmin Note 10 Pro] WiFi Sign in required falsely pops up

    WIFI sign in required pops up on networks that have a time limit and will ask for a signing although its not blocked yet
  18. Birraque

    MIUI 13 22.6.15 needed. Thanks for the effort of the Dev Team to offer for us this awesome build of MIUI EU Weekly where so many no reported optimizations of performance, reliability, functionality, UI, radio, bluetooth, WiFi and compass are noticeable. Keep improving and kicking some bugs! Best Regards,
  19. T

    WiFi stays on Connected, no internet

    Hi all, I just got the Mi 11 Lite 5G with latest stable MIUI 13 ROM. After connecting to my TP-Link Omada/EAP WiFi, it shows "Connected, no internet". Phone has a DHCP lease and can be ping'ed from the home network. But no internet connection. Does anyone else have this problem? Any...
  20. B

    AX3600 and AX3000 mesh

    Hi, they can mesh together. I've setup the main AX3000 as master. Check out @ShotokanZH thread