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    Xiami Mi 8 black screen

    So you will have to install and new ROM. Because the old ROM isnt functioning properly. There are more than a few videos on youtube that can help you do this. But still have you service provider check it out.
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    I broke my Mi 9SE, anyone can help me? :(

    If you don't have a custom recovery, just boot one by Fastboot and flash magisk from there.
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    Mi8 lite contact number sync problem

    Mi PC Suite is the official Mi device desktop application that allows you to share contacts to Mi devices. The step is to sync cpntacts from the old one to PC and then move it to new deivce. More easier way is to use phone to phone data transfer program, that will enables you to transfer...
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    Backup APPs of phone to clean install MIUI11

    I participated in many forums to find a user-friendly tool that can be simply backed up the phone. There are many tools available, many of which are free. I tried some of them that did create backup files. But it is difficult to restore on my phone. Then, I found an application called "Android...
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    Xiaomi Mi Max 3 not working after firmware update "erase boot error"

    You need to go back to bootloader mode and flash again a dev rom (choose fastboot type). After unlocking bootloader you can clean flash rom via miflash tool. You may try EDL method, or better visit nearest service center.
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    My MIX 3 Glass is broken, totally dark, how to get the files from the phone?

    After connecting the phone to PC, go to “This PC/My Computer”. You can now access the folders and files stored within the phone internal memory. Now copy and paste the data from the broken screen phone to Windows computer. This method will help you to copy data like photos, videos, music...
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    Backup files - solved

    This file folder may be damaged or lost, you can try to scan them with a professional Android data recovery tool .If the files can be scanned out, recovery them is not a difficult thing. If not, there may be no way to recover them.
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    Unable to complete Bluetooth file transfers with Desire and MIUI... help please?

    In addition to Bluetooth, there are other methods to transfer files to PC. 1.Mi PC Suite is the official Mi device desktop client that allows you to share PC internet, manage files from Mi devices. 2.The most common way is to use USB cable,this is the easiest ways to transfer files from your...
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    Invalid Titanium backup

    If Titanium can't help you to back up your files, you can also use other methods, such as using Google Account or MiCloud. I recently discovered an easier method to help you back up files to your computer, MobiKin Assistant for Android.With it,you can connect your devices to computer and back up...
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    How to restore backuped Themes (.bak file)?

    If this method does not work, you can change to another method. Transfer the local backp files to the computer first, and then import it from the computer to your phone.In this way you can restore the backup easily.As for transferring files from the computer to the phone, you can try the MobiKin...
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    Titanium Backup is not working - is there any fix or alternative?

    Mi PC Suite is the official Mi device desktop client which can be used as a backup and restore tool to backup Xiaomi phone data to PC. You can also backup your pictures, messages, contacts, call logs and other files from Xiaomi to Mi Cloud. A third-party tool that I stumbled upon is also very...
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    iPhone Style Backup Solution?

    Like iPhone's iCloud,Xiaomi USER can backup files to Mi cloud.And Xiaomi MiCloud can also support transmission between Xiaomi devices, as long as you have a Micloud Account.This way is easy and safe.In addition to this,3rd party tool,such as MobiKin Transfer for Mobile,Google Backup could also...
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    MI Cloud backup

    Well, backing up before restoring factory settings is very important nonsense. Otherwise you will lose a lot of precious data.In addition to backing up to Mi Cloud, you can also back up to your computer. There is an application called Android Assistant that can help you back up files from...
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    [Redmi Note 7] Unable to connect to PC via USB

    Maybe you can try another USB cable. In addition to using USB, you can also connect Android to your computer in other ways,such as WiFi.Data can also be transmitted over a WiFi connection so that no USB cable is required.Download MobiKin Assistant for Android on your PC and it enables you to...
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    Unable to connect to PC via USB

    Another method to connect your Xiaomi Redmi Note 7 to PC is through WiFi.Download MobiKin Assistant for Android on PC and choose the option of Connect via WiFi.Then you can connect your device to PC without USB and it enables you to transfer files between device and PC.
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    Problem Restoring Sms With Easy Backup&restore

    The messages may have lost.You can try MobiKin Doctor for Android free trail version,it can help conduct a deeply scanning on your device.If the mesages still exsit on your device,then you can use the pro version to recover them and extract them on computer.
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    Switch/transfer to MIUI

    The usual way is to use Google Backup, but I think this method is a bit cumbersome. You can also try easy-to-use data transfer software,such as MobiKin Transfer for Mobile,after you installing it on computer,then you can connect your Huawei and Mi 8 and transfer files...
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    How to get a link between a 9 and PC?

    You could use 3rd party tool to get a link between a 9 with PC,such as MobiKin Assistant for Android,it can connect your device to PC via USB cable or WIFI.Then you can transfer data between a9 to PC easily.
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    I'm using Mi Drop to transfer files from a Samsung S4 to a Mi8 Lite. Is there a way of selecting folders as a single item to transfer completely ?

    MobiKin Transfer for Mobile can make it.It can connect two devices to computer and then help transfer the whole folders as a single item.In this way,you can transfer all files from Samsung to Mi8 easily.It enables user to transfer contacts,messages,call logs,mucis,photos,document,etc.