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    New Bug on launcher

    There's a bug since first stable of official firmware that everytime I install a new app, the name is not the same font size, until I forcestop launcher process and restart or reboot the device. So annoying.
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    MIUI 13 EEA R within a circle

    Still there
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    MIUI 13 EEA R within a circle

    I'm in the UK. What settings should I use in the app?
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    New [Mi 11 Ultra] [MIUI 13 STABLE] Lose settings after some usage

    Hi guys, I found the following bugs stressing me out. - Franco Kernel Manager lose underclock settings everytime I restart the phone; - Google keyboard lose size keyboard settings (it turns back to default size) after some usage; - Recent UI shows icons and text very small every now and then as...
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    Bug with Franco Kernel: even though I set it to autostart (with settings) and set on boot to underclock GPU e CPU (on the app), I still have to redo the last one whenever I restart.
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    None of the new announced features are available. Plus 120hz feels like it doesn't exist on my mi11ultra
  7. K to global beta/stable switching issues

    I have a laptop with only usb 3.0 what can I do?
  8. K to global beta/stable switching issues

    Since I can't change region on weeklies and on 1st July there's no more betas for everyone. I decided to switch to the official ROMs. I tried any tools to do the switch, but when I connect the phone in fastboot mode to the PC with any tools (xiaomitool or miflash), It quits from...
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    Region and amazfit verge

    I'm just wondering what's the reason why...
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    Region and amazfit verge

    Hi guys, is there any solution to change region on ROMs? It's really annoying that I can't find an option in settings and it's stuck on Poland (PL) in build.prop file. I'm asking you because I want to try Alexa assistant on my amazfit verge and, since I'm not in US and I cannot edit...
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    TWRP Mi Mix 3

    I can boot in twrp recovery
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    TWRP Mi Mix 3

    Already done, but it happens everytime I boot into recovery
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    TWRP Mi Mix 3

    I flashed the twrp recovery linked in the weekly Rom download section. The thing is that all the memory is encrypted. What can I do?
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    And can't send/receive media on the cloned version
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    [8.3.2] Send/receive Whatsapp Media Issue

    Hi guys, I recently updated to the first global beta of Oreo for mi5pro. Since I have two SIMs, I need two WhatsApp accounts. But after the update, I can't send or receive from the cloned WhatsApp any media. I don't know how to sort it out. Please help me thx
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    New Fresh Notification And Mi Sound

    It's been a lot of weeklies that, even if I set a different sound for notifications, it come back to the one called "Fresh", after a day or a few hours. Also, it's disappeared the Mi Sound notification badge that usually pops up after I plugged the jack of a pair of earphones. Now it's a bit...
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    MIUI 8.2 7.1.19/20

    Still problems with Google launchers drawer: can't display installed apps.
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    New Audio Recording Issues On Latest Weekly Roms For Mi5

    In the last weekly ROMs for Mi5 (especially from the 6.9.15) , when I record a video from the default app, its audio is very bad. It's not a stereo audio, how normally it should be and you expect to be, but the second microphone works as it usually does on a call phone for noise cancellation...
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    [n00b] How To Install Miui 8 On Mi4?

    Hi everyone, I recently bought a mi 4 on Gear**st (for 150$), because my moto g died after 3 years. Because I am new to MIUI world, but not to the modding world, I'd like to have a step-by-step guide about upgrading miui8, in particular if I had to unlock the bootloader first, install a...