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    MULTI 6.6.23

    Hi all, Just a simple question: why my (MXDCNDD) stable by doesn't find ota update? Thanks :)
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    New Radio Fm And Headset Calls In Mi3

    Same problem here, not solved with data reset. Mi3W Miui 7.2 EU
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    MULTI 6.3.24/25

    Hi, i'm currently with the 4.4 version but i'm not receving OTA. Did you receve the OTA? It's safe to download last 6.o stable ad update from updater? I'm with Mi3W Thanks!
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    MULTI 6.3.3

    Hi, does this stable version merge the partitions to prepare the 6.0 release? I have Mi3 W and i have to wait next week but just in case...
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    Will I Receve Ota With My Rom Version?

    Thanks a lot @MannyRibo I'll wait for the OTA marshmallow stable hoping that every partition changes will be automatically do by the system.
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    Will I Receve Ota With My Rom Version?

    Hello, I have currently this version: MIUI by 7.1 | (KXDCNCK) and I have two question, please: will I receve the OTA update for marshmallow? will the partitions be merged automatically? Thanks, bye.