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  1. Jachtaas

    MIUI 11.1 9.11.14

    I have similar problems on my mi8pro. Slowmo isn't recording at 720, only 240 but the movies are broken. Only in Google foto you can watch it
  2. Jachtaas

    MIUI 11.1 9.9.26/27 v2 - MIUI 11

    Very happy about this version! The new miui 11 works fine on the mi8pro! No bugs so far, only some translation items, but no problem. Recommend it!
  3. Jachtaas


    Same for me on my mi8pro
  4. Jachtaas


    Same problems here. I went to stable rom and now it's better, but I mis some features now haha
  5. Jachtaas


    Also on the mi8pro. Terrible Black screen, apps that don't work and battery draining
  6. Jachtaas


    Random freece and apps that don't work. Battery draining fast. Mi8pro
  7. Jachtaas


    Same on my mi8pro
  8. Jachtaas


    Looks like ambiant display does not show on mi8pro pro
  9. Jachtaas


    Mi8 pro works fine
  10. Jachtaas


    Does the double tab on standby button for flashlight work again? Mi 8 pro
  11. Jachtaas


    All works fine on the mi8pro and the mi5s. But on the mi8pro there are two issues: -slowmo cam starts automatically in 960fps but won't film. Only for one second and then closes. -if you want to simply edit a slowmo movieclip (shot on 240fps) you can't use 'effects'. Only on normal shot...
  12. Jachtaas


    What is the difference between this one and the one from 4 January? Also 9.1.1(0?) V10-9? Installed this one, but have some issues
  13. Jachtaas


    I have some problems on the mi8pro. I updated from global to latest rom. Brightness is less, battery drains faster and LinkedIn and Twitter won't start. The last two I fixed with deleting and installing it again. They work fine now.
  14. Jachtaas


    Twitter and LinkedIn are not working (on global they did work)
  15. Jachtaas

    New Indication Light Does Not Work Mi5s

    Hi, On my mi5s with 9.6 / 8.4.4. beta the indication light does nothing. Settings is checked
  16. Jachtaas

    New Battery Drain On Mi5

    Same on my mi5s. 8.2.1 weekly. Also have problems with a terrible lag on contact and phone app. Have to wait a few seconds before a contact is opened
  17. Jachtaas


    Is there a lag on de Xiaomi mi5s?
  18. Jachtaas

    New Xiaomi Headphone Won't Work Mi5s Miui9

    Does work again. Just my bad I think
  19. Jachtaas

    MIUI 9 7.8.31

    Email keeps crashing
  20. Jachtaas

    New Xiaomi Headphone Won't Work Mi5s Miui9

    After updating to miui9 the remote control of my xiaomi pro headphones won't work. Also others won't