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  1. SilverMist1

    MULTI 4.8.8

    there is a 4.8.10 for nexus 4. are you considering about releasing this version?
  2. SilverMist1

    MULTI 4.8.1

    no nexus 4 this week?
  3. SilverMist1

    MULTI 4.7.25

    thanks guys i flashed this on my nexus 4 over mahdi rom with full wipe and everything is working perfect :)
  4. SilverMist1

    MULTI 4.7.25

    is network location fixed for nexus 4 in your roms? or is it baidu network location as official miui site?
  5. SilverMist1


    i have not flashed new versions since mid september since this release. and there is a talk being going on about people unable to use custom themes. i dont understand, themes work perfectly fine. i applied signa icons, blur theme and ics lockscreen without any glitch. by the way i am using i9100.
  6. SilverMist1

    In Progress 2.6.22 SGS2 Freeze when ask for Root Rights and view 'Phone Info'

    after updating the binary i uninstalled super su and continued to use lbe guard
  7. SilverMist1

    In Progress 2.6.22 SGS2 Freeze when ask for Root Rights and view 'Phone Info'

    the method in this post works for root permissions
  8. SilverMist1

    Release MIUI ROM 2.6.22

    it worked and now my phone works flawless, thanks for the instructions
  9. SilverMist1

    Release MIUI ROM 2.6.1 ROM [ICS]

    even i disabled background data for facebook and google services, they continue to use backgroud data. i am using 2.6.1 and sgs2
  10. SilverMist1

    Xiaomi Jinshan Guard Provider - Safe

    i cannot see the app in any drawer, in any version, i am currently in 2.6.1 but it could not see it in previous releases too. i am using sgs2
  11. SilverMist1

    Changelog MIUI ROM 2.6.1 Change log

    so the new network assistance is included this week?
  12. SilverMist1

    Preview MIUI ROM 2.6.1 Preview Change log

    whan i apply a theme in sgs2 it doesnt apply fully. far left and far right tabs still remain orange in every app. i think it will be fixed in this release.
  13. SilverMist1

    Release MIUI ROM 2.5.18 ROMS

    i installed the latest version for sgs2, and the animations aregb animations, not ics :S
  14. SilverMist1

    Xiaomi Hi-resolution contact photo's

    i agree to small pictures in contacts profile is way worse than standard ics.
  15. SilverMist1

    In Progress [SGS2] [2.5.11] some bugs

    i can confirm 1,2,5,7 and 8. i have no idea about 2 and 4 i didnt try anything related to them. but i dont have any maps fcing. and at last i can say 2nd is very very annoying for me.
  16. SilverMist1

    In Progress SGS2 ROM 2.5.11 ICS still repeats

    it happened me lots of times over the previous builds and it was very annoying. i noticed if i do something that has a notification in the statusbar before trying to type anything it would no longer be a problem. and the easiest way to do it is plugging phone to pc. anyway i am very happy to...
  17. SilverMist1

    In Progress SGS2 ROM 2.5.11 ICS still repeats

    connect your phone to pc via cable when it is connected pull the status bar down. then remove it from pc and try to connect to wifi.
  18. SilverMist1

    Changelog MIUI ROM 2.5.11 Changelog [ICS]

    play store issue could be avoided by deleting vending.apk, i always did that :)
  19. SilverMist1

    Preview MIUI ROM 2.4.27 Preview Changelog

    yeah i hope the random reboots in sgs2 have gone too, it is the most important bug for sgs2 right now. i have reverted back to 2.4.13 because of the reboots.