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  1. Jachtaas

    New Indication Light Does Not Work Mi5s

    Hi, On my mi5s with 9.6 / 8.4.4. beta the indication light does nothing. Settings is checked
  2. Jachtaas

    New Xiaomi Headphone Won't Work Mi5s Miui9

    After updating to miui9 the remote control of my xiaomi pro headphones won't work. Also others won't
  3. Jachtaas

    New Fingerprint Not Working Mi5s

    After updating to 7.6.8 Beta with the new Android, the fingerprint sensor does not work (I know: the first time you need the pattern, but after that it should be no problem) . To make it work: I have to set the lock on 'off' and then on 'on' again in setting. After that I have to setup a new...
  4. Jachtaas

    New Email Contacts Flicker And Are Incomplete

    Device: mi5s 128gb Version: 7.1.20 Beta by When I use the email app of miui it gets buggy when you try to use contacts. If you click on contacts in the email program than it is flickering (visible to non visible with intervals of half a second). Also not all your contacts are...