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    Missing Magic centre Mi 10 Ultra

    Hello everyone, I wanted to ask if anyone knows if the Xiaomi magic center will also arrive for the mi 10 ultra (because in some online articles it is reported that all devices with with MIUI 13 and Android 12 then since a new stable rom has just been released (May 27) for this device and it is...
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    Invert mouse scroll direction

    Is there a way with some setting to change the scroll direction of the mouse when connected to a smartphone / tablet with the miui 13?
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    Xiaomi FlipBuds Pro and Mi 10 Ultra Compatibility

    Hello everyone, I would like to know if the Xiaomi FlipBuds Pro are compatible with my Xiaomi Mi 10 Ultra with the latest (stable) version of MIUI (12.5.3)
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    New Telegram Floating Window Bug

    I noticed that in the latest version of the Stable ROM for Mi 10 Ultra (I don't know if it also happens on other devices) when you receive any notification from telegram (the official app from the play store not the version of telegram X strangely that works correctly ) and you want to drag the...
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    Invalid MEMC missing Mi 10 Ultra

    I can't find the MEMC function which should allow to "add frames" to an external video that I am watching on the mi 10 ultra (I am using the latest stable version of the miui 12)
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    New Xiaomi mi 10 ultra games do not support the device refresh rate

    I don't know if it is a problem with the phone or the rom eupea but with any game that supports a number of frames greater than 60 (be it 90 or 120) my Xiaomi mi 10 Ultra instead with any game goes to a fixed 60Fps (An example of a game that supports 120Fps and therefore the 120Hz of the xiaomi...
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    New SafetyNet Test Failed STABLE CTS Profile Match Failed - Xiaomi mi 10 Ultra

    My Xiaomi mi 10 Ultra does not pass the SafetyNet Test due to the CTS profile match (stable version 12.0.13 Eu rom) I know that the test is passed on the weekly version
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    New Xiaomi mi 10 Ultra "Bad Camera Quality"

    I know this Thread has already been done but I wanted to put the issue more directly because it ended up somewhat on the back burner. Thanks a lot developers for fixing the strange green screen bug for the front camera in the videos but I wanted to talk about one last problem present in the...
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    New No customization in the fingerprint shortcuts

    There is no customization in the fingerprint shortcuts menu
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    New HDR Youtube Video don't work [Xiaomi mi 10 ultra]

    When any video on Youtube that is in HDR starts, the colors become strange, in general the screen becomes more warm (even by deactivating videotoolbox). There is also no support for HDR content for Netflix