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    Gingerbread MIUI is coming!!

    Oh well, one week to go!
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    Gingerbread MIUI is coming!!

    They are going to start rolling it out tomorrow for five weeks, if I understand correctly.
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    Gingerbread MIUI is coming!!

    Been running CM7, but I'm itching to see MIUI on GB! I predict that the Nexus One will get it first, which means that the Evo will have it soon after! :)
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    No updates for this week??

    That's a good thing. Gives these hard working devs a week off.
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    [PORT][MOD] Porting Evo 3 Way Reboot To Other Devices

    Right...I see now. But MIUI implemented the Visitor Mode thing on the menu, so that pushes Reboot and Power off down on the list. So GlobalActions$3 and $4 would replace $4 and $5 in MIUI.
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    [PORT][MOD] Porting Evo 3 Way Reboot To Other Devices the zip you posted from CM6.1, there's GlobalActions$3.smali and GlobalActions$4.smali, but no GlobalActions.smali, so wouldn't the GlobalActions.smali in the android.policy.jar still be the MIUI one? We would then need to extract GlobalActions.smali from the CM6.1 android.policy.jar...
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    Porting MIUI to HTC Evo

    It's a bit more involved than just copying the files. But I'll give it a try: 1) Open the most recent working MIUI EVO ROM and the ROM to be ported (N1) 2) Copy the xbin, usr, bin, etc, and lib folders over (to get more involved, open each folder and only copy the files that are in the EVO...
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    Miui 0.12.24 n1 english language pack #1e merry xmas

    First off, thank you for your work on the translations. Without it, I'd have to learn Chinese. With that said, and I know you say there's no chinese in the pack, but here's my issue... As you can see (or maybe you cant...I'm not seeing the pics in the preview so I've attached shots...
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    [Q] How to translate?

    You'd have to use APKTOOL to decompile the APK's that need translating. Then go to RES\VALUES\strings.xml and edit away. Afterwards, recompile. Some may need for you to take the framework-res.apk and incorporate it (apktool -i framework-res.apk). In fact, run that first and then decompile...