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    MIUI 12.1 20.8.6/7

    Did you format data? The option you have to write yes. You will lose all your data. Latest TWRP?
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    MIUI 12.1 20.6.18

    I'll recommend you to stay in beta until new stable version is released. Then I'll do a clean install of stable. I don't think updater is going to install stable versions if you are in beta. I've seen your logo, I like cubing too. Trying to get faster in 3x3 at the moment.
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    MIUI 12.1 20.6.18

    Sorry, only English in this forum. Use Google translator. Sólo se puede utilizar el inglés, si no lo manejas bien utiliza aunque sea el traductor de Google.
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    MIUI 12.0 20.4.30 - First MIUI 12

    Thanks for the info, sorry to bother you, can you confirm TWRP is not replaced with miui recovery? I have no computer untill monday to flash it again.
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    How to return to launcher?

    Thank you very much!
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    How to return to launcher?

    I installed the alpha launcher and want to return back to the one. I tried dirty flashing the rom, clear system an reflash the rom without success. I'm on latest beta, does the latest beta have the alpha launcher? Thanks in advance.
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    MIUI 11.2 20.1.16/21 v3

    Reboot into recovery, volume + and power together for a few seconds. Then connect to a PC. If this doesn't work use fastboot. I use a usb memory for clean installs, you can use it in TWRP Edit: It seems you have installed the ROM, forget this comment if it worked.
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    2 different solutions given a few comments ago... Don't know if a data backup will work or not.
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    Don't know what to tell you, after a clean install of xiaomi eu everything worked fine until I flashed magisk stable v20.3 and the problem happened again. The only solution for me was flashing pixel experience as I've written before.
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    I don't know how this happened but here is how I solved it. I wanted to know what was the problem so I tried a clean install with another rom (Pixel experience), flashed the ROM and magisk before booting and everything was ok (clean flash), then format data and clean install latest xiaomi eu...
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    This morning I updated to latest canary magisk with the app and the phone took about 15 minutes to boot, then the screen was washed, very pale color and nothing worked, tried settings, apps, etc everything caused bootloop. Flashed ROM and magisk again and happened the same. Unistalled magisk...
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    Help with bootloop and can't access fastboot/recovery

    Have you tried xiaomiflash? Be sure to use latest version, it can flash even with the phone in bootloop.
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    How to back "Google search" instead miui search. In assistant?

    I freeze it with titanium backup. You have to be root. I don't like miui search neither.
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    What am I doing wrong? Please help

    Are you using latest official TWRP from its website? Have you download mi mix 2s Rom? Probably you have done this, but just to check Old TWRP can give errors on Android 9
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    from global dev to

    In the past I used titanium backup, but when I change for a different ROM I prefer a full clean install. Save the copy in the PC or USB and give it a try. With TWRP you should do a full backup of your device, it is recommended in case you have to restore a partition. It's not difficult, there...
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    Where are night mode photo and slowmo video?

    I found it, spanish language problem. It will be solved in next update.
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    Where are night mode photo and slowmo video?

    I don't know when it happened, but can't find night mode photo or slow motion video in 9.8.9 beta. Does it happen to you too?
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    TWRP,, Lineage, magisk

    I had the same problem with a wrong TWRP, are you using the official one? About your other question: MIUI: It's an OS based in Android, It's xiaomi official software for its devices (except the xiaomi A serie) It's a ROM, a modification of...
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    Android Auto stops working

    Same here, tried everything, and there are other users too. The problem is that when the screen is off the phone kils the process. I know it because it works with the screen ailways on without problems. I use a workaround with and app called back screen that keeps the screen awake but in black...
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    Camera lens

    Same here too, it started with a little bubble and now it's almost all the camera.