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    Statusbar iPhone setup ???

    Wholeheartedly agreed. I personally do not like the iPhone bar, it's cluttered with info I do not need (carrier name, time in the middle of the status bar...). Also with such design, it becomes hard to place notifications. For example, when I'm running SSH or some other background process, I...
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    MIUI - Future features wishes

    Developers on this site have no control over features included in MIUI (they primarily port MIUI to other devices). They don't have the source code, so requesting features from them is a moot point :). You need to post feature requests with the rom developers at I think this is why you...
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    Clockwork Mod being bought by HTC???

    CWM and RA are comparable imho. I stuck with RA because I liked the interface a little better and I could easily backup wimax (I couldn't figure out how to do this with CWM when I initially rooted, which is why I tried RA in the first place, haha).
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    Hopes and dreams for MIUI

    +1 for this; unfortunately, not much can be done about it from the talented developers on this forum, since there is no source code. Maybe a feature request to the Chinese developers?
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    Clockwork Mod being bought by HTC???

    lol, that was a good one XD (Though clockwork is the most popular, it surely is not the only recovery on the market?!?)
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    Security of MIUI Rom

    LOL, +1 for this. Nothing wrong with these developers wanting to perfect the ROM for their own community first, and surely by no means does MIUI ROM developers represent the whole Chinese population? LOL.
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    Google 2-step verification

    Would be nice to leave the problem and solution so when others come across it they can reference your solution...
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    Security of MIUI Rom

    Scary in deed, and it did cross my mind a few times as well. I've always been wary of storing / using sensitive data on phones anyways. They easily get lost; I would feel the same or worse about losing a phone that stored sensitive information as losing my wallet. Thanks for the bit of...
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    MIUI ROM - A Complete Guide

    Great info! Thanks for doing this, fusingblackrose. I would just clarify that ROM does stand for Read Only Memory, but in the context of android/rooting a ROM consists of prepacked system binaries that can be flashed onto a device. And .tgz is Tar GZip, a compressed tar file. A few others i can...
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    What would you change/add ?

    Not sure... it did for me. I do mean battery recalibration, i.e., wipe stats in recovery, full charge, full deplete, full recharge... something along those lines. Since I've done this, I constantly get around 12 continuous hours with moderate use (about 2-3 hours of playing music, 3 emails...
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    New lockscreen and music controls

    Right, I know double-taping works. I was previously on 1.2.25, and when music was playing, the controls showed automatically. Wondering whether the fact they do not show anymore while music is playing is a bug / functionality change / future to be implemented. It was just convenient... :)
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    New lockscreen and music controls

    Hi All, Running 1.3.18-Froyo on Evo, and I have a question about music controls on the new lockscreen. I use poweramp for music; in the previous versions, when music was playing, the music controls would show automatically. This was convenient because I could just power up the screen and...
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    Phone call recording

    Tested this on speaker a few weeks ago. On 1.2.25. Worked flawlessly.
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    What would you change/add ?

    Holy s**t, I would be love to get the 24-30 hours you are getting!! I barely get 12-15 hours a day (which in itself is an improvement, I started with 4-6 hours and got a bit more juice after a battery stats wipe). Anyways, +1 for more MIUI apps. They are so well polished :D. Looking for a...
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    Battery drain from display?

    I think you may be reading this wrong. Your screen shows the device has been unplugged for 1 second. What you are seeing is normal then as the percentage shown is just a rough percentage of the total battery use. It looks like the screen is draining that much because nothing else is running on...
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    Is it possible to replace lockscreen shortcuts?

    That's an expensive media player you will be carrying around XD. Anyways, I assume you are talking about changing the app these shortcuts open when dragged? I don't think you can change that. You can swap them out for another SMS or dialer app, but that's about it as far as I can tell. If you...
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    Couple questions with MIUI on EVO.

    I stopped using APPS2SD since I moved to MIUI. Imho, A2SD is better. To use A2SD, you will need to partition your SD card, and create a ext2/3/4 partition (I use ext3). Search this Forum or XDA on how to do this (many ways to do it, I used a gParted live CD mounted in a virtual machine to...
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    MIUI Calendar?

    I think it depends on how the event was setup. For me, some all-day events cover the entire pane, others do not.
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    [Q] How can you change the headset input to not use the default miui music player

    try Settings > programs > Default Program Settings > Preferred App. You will be presented with a list of installed music players. Whatever you choose here will respond to headset controls. Make sure to turn off headset controls in other installed music apps.