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    Beta Downgrade To Stable, Xiaomi Mix

    May I know what are the steps for safety downgrade without losing data?
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    Do You Use Beta Or Stable Version?

    I have been using BETA but the one released this last week is really buggy. Anyone using and how it is?
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    Ok Google Is Missing?

    Please assist me how to get OK Google on my phone. million thanks
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    Facebook Group App Bug?

    Hi I have been using Facebook group app on my other non miui device and the group can load the updates a.s.a I launch I have installed the same app on this phone but the app cannot load the updates but just blank page, I did set the permissions same as the other apps I did , but can't get it...
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    Fingerprint Sensor

    Hi I have been noticing after shutdown and restart next morning , first cold start I need to use pincode. Sensor won't allow to unlock until second time. Is this normal? Tapatalk を使用して私の MIX から送信
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    Ring Tones

    Hi I am surprised with the ringtones all Indian tones only. No other options?? Tapatalk を使用して私の MIX から送信
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    Contact List

    Hi I don't know what I did in permissions suddenly all details in contact list are missing. I checked the rules in contact list is set to allow. What else could be blocking the numbers to display? Thank you very much, Hope someone know it I am new to miui.
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    Low Media Sound

    Has anyone noticed the Media Sound is very low ? Even with bluetooth set . I have to turn to half the bar to have same level sound whereas I only need 20% the bar with my one plus one with same level of sound. This is really sad about this phone or is the firmware?
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    Hi I Am New Here

    Hi friends I am the owner of Oneplus One with Custom roms 7.1 Tugapower and recently bought the Mimix which came with vendor rom. Got it unlocked and flashed Global stable manually because Miflash was having problem. But I am dissappointed with the problems in global rom , I use japanese lang...