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    Resolved POCO F3 MIUI 13 V22.5.11 Control Center Music Player Missing

    When you play a song, it does not appear in the control center.
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    Invalid POCO F3 MIUI 13 V22.5.11 Clash of Clans Crash

    When you try to find rival, the app crashes.
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    Invalid POCO F3 MIUI 13 V22.4.27 Fingerprint Bug

    The fingerprint sensor does not recognize the finger. I have added the same finger several times but it still does not recognize it
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    New POCO F3 MIUI 13 22.4.27 Control Center Bug

    The Music controls not appearing in control center when you play a song
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    New POCO F3 MIUI 13 22.4.27 Music Player bug

    The music player gets stuck when you scroll
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    New POCO F3 MIUI 13 22.3.30 Music player bug

    The music player plays in a loop when you receive a notification. I have tried with other music players apart from the native one of miui, but the problem is still there.
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    Invalid Poco F3 weekly 22.3.23 Privacy Indicator

    The privacy indicator doesn't show when apps use camera or microphone, and it doesnt show up either with the native app of recorder
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    Invalid Excessive battery consumption Poco F3 MIUI 13 V22.1.19

    The energy consumption is again excessive, and at night the battery consumes up to 15%
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    Invalid Material You (MIUI 13 v22.1.19) POCO F3

    Material You doesn't work in some scenarios, and it's not well calibrated at all if you use the superwallpapers or wallpapers with movement( like the new added in MIUI 13).
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    New Excessive battery consumption POCO F3 / MIUI 13

    Estoy cargando el dispositivo incluso 3 veces al día, y el consumo en reposo durante la noche es muy alto (+ 20%) El teléfono tiene menos de 3 meses y el tiempo de pantalla con esta versión no supera las 4:30 horas