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    New Storage Encryption - Nothing happen after entering Password

    Device: Mi 8 Pro Rom: EU 2.7.16 I'm trying to Encrypt the Phone, then it asks me the Device password, I enter and it again gets back to the previous page! How should I protect my phone files seriously?!
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    [Already Fixed] Sync messages from Xiaomi Cloud NOT WORKING

    Hello, First of all let me say Thanks for the great and up-to-date ROMs. Then let me say that i'm using [MIUI 11.1] 9.10.24 on my 'Mi8Pro' device, a very new and fresh installation, just switched from Offical MIUI 10 Global Weekly rom to this. Logged into my Xiaomi account and Syncing everything...
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    New Clean RAM in Recent Apps

    Hello, the bug that i want to report is even there in official release (Stable/Weekly) But i'm reporting the bug in here 'cause i guess you guys take care more than them When you Open Recent apps (in my phone by Swiping from the bottom of screen to up and pause) and you click on X button, it...