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    MIUI V5 Video

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    New Foursquare A-GPS issue

    Hello! I didn't find information about my problem. It's not mentioned anywhere. I have Mi-One Plus with latest V4 build from On past two weeks I was on my vacation in Turkey (gone there from Russia). In Turkey A-GPS positioning worked fine. Had no problems. When I returned to...
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    New Magnifying Glass on Mi-One is useless

    There is an interesting thing about new magnifying glass feature. When glass activates it closes current keyboard so to run it again you need to point somewhere with your finger and it's making the feature of magnifying glass useless because the cursor stands on last place you've touched :) In...
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    LED Settings

    Hi! And where gone LED notification settings? I can't find it anywere.
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    Wired headset

    Hi! I bought a new M1 and installed the latest 2.4.13. I got a wired apple headset and it's not working with PowerAMP or default music player. One of 100 taps on a headset button is actually works from time to time. To receive and end call it works fine, but with music players not. Does anybody...