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    Can't Update Rom

    DEar all, i have my mi5 rooted and installed with weekly rom miui9 7.12.21, it works prety well but sometimes i'm tempted to update my phone. the issue is that when i go to the updater to check if there is any new rom and press the button to check the new roms it says me that there arent any...
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    Redmi Plus And Redmi Pro

    DEar all, i bought recently a redmi 5 plus but it has a false ROM , so i have to replace it, my doubt is about the models, is redmi 5 plus the same as redmi 5 pro? are both roms compatible? recovery also would be the same for both phones? thanks for your help regards
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    Location Wrong Of Mi5

    dear comrades I'm very happy with mi5 , but there is a error that is a bit annoying and it's the location via micloud and also the preinstalled weather app that locates my device 2 km far just in my countryhouse and i can't change it, at the same time when i'm trying to locate via micloud it...