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    New Phone turning off constantly

    I am running the latest stable version of the eu rom on my xiaomi mi 11 ultra. It was running fine with no issue whatsoever for 1-2 months. Yesterday a problem started where it just turns itself off and reboots into a recovery screen with options such as reboot to safe mode, miui assistant...
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    Eu rom Facebook group or Reddit?

    Wondering if there is a Facebook group or reddit or something to follow eu rom stuff? Obviously there is this forum but I find it difficult to find information. The threads seem to be in random order going from 2010 to 2019 to 2021 to 2016 or whatever. I use a mi 11 pro with eu rom (stable)...
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    question about updating rom + sms positioning issue + recovery email issue

    I live in Thailand. I ordered a new Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra. They are unavailable in Thailand for whatever reason but I found a shop that orders them from China and loads the Global Rom. So I got that and on the first night spent about 6hrs learning and flashing the Eu rom onto it and the TWRP thing...