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    MOD - MultiWindow

    LOL no. it was meant to mimic functionality and power. not touchwiz.
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    [MOD] Extended Settings Menu Options

    much appreciated Andy..just sucks that i can use the damn thing! i havent been able to flash a MIUI Rom since the 12.9 for a daily driver. the last couple of releases have been non-functional.
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    Black Screen After Flash on Incredible 2

    yea..all sense roms work, just cant flash ANY AOSP roms. its the weirdest thing ever.
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    Black Screen After Flash on Incredible 2

    i dont know what happened..but the newest release 1.9.9 killed my device. (incredible 2) I flashed the ROM updating from the previous release and now i am unable to flash ANY AOSP rom. it will flash successfully, boot, but about 2-3 mins after boot and extreme lag the screen goes black...
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    Bugs in 1.9.2

    on an Incredible 2 here are the bugs ive found: 1. soft key lights do not work - unless you are in the settings menu then they turn off immediately after leaving that menu. 2. wifi seems to be intermittent. which others have posted as well. and thats all i got.
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    [MOD] Extended Settings Menu Options

    thanks again for the update. this is now i think my third time in this thread saying thank you. its automatic download of ROM got to jump into the thread and download the latest version of ES.
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    Circle Battery Mod for Incredible

    thank u .. now this only mods the battery right, and the other aforementioned items..not all the icons on the top bar? lastly..can we request other colors?
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    [FONTS] Theme Manager Fonts [UPDATE 4/2]

    FINALLY...thank u for this addition!
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    honeycome music with miui....

    couple of reasons this thread and that music player are a fail... first off its "HoneyCOMB", "HoneyCome" is something ur wife would tell you after uve been going at it for too long. 2. its got the gallery apk basically running the show. No EQ, no kick but lyrics downloader, nothing of the...
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    Super Circle Battery Mod--Nexus One

    nice..well take ur time, im still getting used to MIUI and besides im using LPP so the top bar can be gone until its time to show lol
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    Super Circle Battery Mod--Nexus One

    as this thread continues to grow so does my jealousy! :) someone needs to port these works to the Inc.
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    Super Circle Battery Mod--Nexus One

    EDIT: nevermind i read thru the thread and found my answer..