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    zoom on sgs

    Why touch zoom feature is not working while video recording on sgs i9000 . Not only on Miui but all Rooms.!! you can test by yourself
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    ftp miui

    hi whats name ftp app on miui room ?
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    help :installing apk

    i have problem with install apps after click on apk file "do you want to install this application" but install button not working :( i test shutdown and wipe/clear dalvik but that not fix !!!! my device sgs i9000 miui 2.2.17
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    Not working :Quickboot

    hi this app not working :( i test wipe/clear dalvik but nothing happen :( my device SGS I9000 MIUI 2.2.17 thnx
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    bugs in 2.2.17

    my version 2.2.17 on galaxy s i9000 cut\move feature does not work just copy is working !!!