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    I get a terrible performance with my AirPods Pro on my Mi Mix 2S

    Hi, I just got a new pair of Apple AirPods Pro since I'm moving to Apple (I'll get an iPhone 11 soon) and I paired it with my current Mi Mix 2S, it sounded just like my old $20 wired earphones, I thought something should be wrong and I tried it on a iPhone 12 Pro Max. It sounded awesome, better...
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    A few questions about MIUI 12.5 for Mix 2S and a battery problem

    Hi, I was looking for a newer ROM for my Mix 2s. I guess the latest MIUI version for Mix 2s is V12.0.3 but just in case I wanna ask if did 12.5 come out for it And also, my battery seems fine in settings but since last year, it dies so quick that I charge it twice a day although I always use the...