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    Mi Home devices, experiences and fails...

    I know this is not exactly what you are looking for, but I'm using several Xiaomi domotics devices integrated with many other brands without problems by using Home Assistant software. You can even use most Xiaomi devices without the gateway. And automations are much more powerful that with Mi...
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    In my car (Volvo S60 2018) I can connect and play music from the phone (Mi5), but I cannot control the music player from the car. With AVCP 1.3 I can. Please include again the AVCP 1.3 support.
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    Coverage problems in Spain with the Xiaomi Mi 5C

    El Mi5C no tiene todas las bandas de 4G que se usan en Europa. Dependiendo de la ciudad donde estés puede que tu proveedor de telefonía use una u otra. Para que te hagas una idea, la semana pasada en Sos del Rey Católico, en Zaragoza, de 4 Xiaomis, solamente el Mix 2 de mi mujer tenía 4G, los...
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    About the grid layout, I think it needs a proper Theme, one that supports several screen layouts. About the "rearrangement", I think that it has something to do with backups. It seems that all MIUI 10 releases try to restore the screen layout from some backup (maybe Mi Cloud, but not sure). It...
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    Screen layout keeps being restored from I don't know where... Can't keep my 5x5 layout for longer. After some time it gets restored to 6x4 and all scrambled. And some times after a reboot it goes back (again) to 5x5. There must be something with backup that I cannot find where to change. Anyone?
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    The problem with screen not keeping size (rows by columns) is still there. It changes randomly from 5x5 to 6x4 and the other way round when you try to use 5x5. Tested with Global Beta and it is there too.
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    New Mi5 with MIUI 10 8.6.21/8.7.5 not keeping screen configuration (HxW)

    I like a 5 row by 5 icons configuration, but MIUI 10 does not keep it for long. After some time, it changes to 6x4 and displays for a short time a message about "Imported from another source. Some icons may have been moved". Or something like that (my phone is in Spanish). I tried a dirty flash...
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    8.6.21 v2

    Mi 5 3/32. Tried with a dirty flash upon MIUI 9 and with a clean flash (formatting even system partition) with the same results. Besides the notifications problems that have already been mentioned, I can't keep a 5x5 stable screen. I can apply a theme and for some time it works fine: 5 rows of 5...