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    Xiaomi "Cemsorship and Spyware" in .eu rom

    Hi team, I know this is a bit of a hot issue, but I am sure a lot of us are using your room partially for this reason. New findings from the Lithuanian government found some troubling things on Chinese phones, especially Xiaomi. Article: Now while this is not...
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    Mi11Lite5G loops into fastboot after EU.rom install

    Hi community, Firstly, avid fan of your work, I am running Xiaomis since 2015 and always rely on you guys to give me a kickass custom rom. This brings me to my current issue, I got a new Mi11Lite5G and ran into some issues I hadn't previously encountered. Let me give a quick step by...
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    Help: Recovery/twrp Not Working

    Hi fellow Mi-fans, I just bought the new Redmi Pro and wanted to install the global rom for it, using this guide: this forum/threads/6-10-13.35585/ First I installed China developer version Then I unlocked Then I installed TRWP Omega Version Now here is where I am stuck. Whenever I boot...