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    New [RESOLVED][m0 | I9300] install assert does not recognise device

    Note: An Update to my recovery (TWRP) has fixed the issue. Sorry MIUI, this wasn't your bug! Hi All, I've got a recurring issue with MIUIAndroid builds - the script assert doesn't recognise my device and fails every week. I have to manually edit the updater-script on my device, which is a...
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    [Q]Hide notification option - does it affect memory priority?

    Hi guys, I know that the reason apps have a notification icon is to 'lock' it into memory and give it a higher priority to try to prevent it from being killed to free up RAM. My question is if you use the built-in option in MIUI to hide a notification, does the app you are hiding the...
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    New Small Contact Photos

    Hi Guys, This is a recurring issue that has been plaguing MIUI for many months - I can only sync small images from google or facebook to my contacts. I use haxsync to sync/join facebook contacts (and images) to my phonebook contatcs. Is there something I am doing wrong or is this feature not...
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    [Q] 'Back' or 'Transition' Animations (NOT Launcher Scrolling Animation!!)

    Hi Guys! In the htc hd2 port I was using before my phone upgrade there was a feature recently added (in the last 6 weeks) that changed the animation that played when exiting an activity. For example - if I was viewing a contact and clicked their facebook status (in the contacts app) a very...
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    [BUG REPORT] Images Deleted from SD Card When Uploading to Facebook

    Issue: When uploading an image to Facebook via MIUI Gallery, the image is deleted from the SD card after it has been uploaded. This has been confirmed by various users. Also, my other thread has neither been acknowledged or addressed.
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    [MISSING FEATURE] Disable Lock Screen

    First off let me thank you guys for a wonderful ROM, full of functionality, blazing fast and lots of eye-candy! It seems as though a feature has been overlooked. While you can set a pattern-based lock screen you cannot remove the current lock screen. So if you use a pattern-based lock screen...