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  1. imortalitzik

    Miui Update ... the right way !

    what is the way to update my xiaomi redmi 6 pro (sakura) phone ? i have stable rom miui v10.2 and i want to update to stable rom miui v10.3 (ROM is available) : i need to update through TWRP or can i use stock updater app ?
  2. imortalitzik

    Update to latest miui 10.3

    hello i wanted to know, i have stable rom on my sakura redmi 6 pro phone v10.2. now, in order to update to miui 10.3, i need to use TWRP or can i use the stock update app ? thanks for the answer.
  3. imortalitzik


    hello , i have bought redmi 6 pro from china and opened it's bootloader. now i want to switch to EU rom but i can't find the TWRP recovery file to use. anyone can send me a link ????
  4. imortalitzik

    MI8 need rear aux camera sensor fix

    hello, since upgraded to miui v10 i have a problem that portrait mode on rear camera doesn't work. i have notice in CIT menu that i don't have rear sub camera (v9.6 was just fine with portrait mode and sensor ok) , i have tried flashing ROMS all over again with "clean all" but the sensor is...
  5. imortalitzik

    Mi6 Vibration Motor Too Loud

    Mi6 is a Great phone, have been using it for a while, but last month long/short vibration duration (e.g. incoming calls, keyboard touch or Vibration test in the hardware test Menu) frequently cause a buzzing sound (loud enough to be annoying and heard from a distance), as if the vibration motor...
  6. imortalitzik

    Access External Hdd Through Repeater

    hi i have a mini mi router installed and working perfectly with external HDD. Now, i have connected youth mi router as a repeater (which work fine) and when i connect to it's network i can't access the HDD which is still conected to the mini mi router. How can it be solved ? I saw that at...
  7. imortalitzik

    Can't Flash Dev Rom

    HI i have flashed my phone with official china stable ROM (after receiving it from seller with costume rom) using the Mi Flash procedure (as my bootloader is locked). now i want to use updater app to change to official DEV rom in order to unlock bootloader but get the message of "can't verify...
  8. imortalitzik

    Missing Contact Name

    hi, at incoming calls with numbers that appear at my contact list, sometimes i can see caller name and sometimes it doesn't show. what is the problem ? i heard from people that it happens with all ROM versions and even on other xiaomi phones Sent from my MI 5 using Tapatalk
  9. imortalitzik

    Reboot Into Twrp Problem

    hello i have just updated a mi note pro with twrp (after unlocking). it seems like when i try to go into recovery from pressing (vol+ & pwr) i get a picture of a phone and a disconnected cable (see attachment) when i try to boot into recovery from updater app , i get same result. what seems to...
  10. imortalitzik

    Default Launcher Not Saved

    hi, i am with china official rom. trying to set default lancher different from miui, i set it at defauls menu . but always when i press home button , it returns to miui launcher, why? Sent from my MI 5 using Tapatalk
  11. imortalitzik

    From China To Global Rom

    hi, i am using official china stable rom. and i want to switch to official global stable rom but using updater methood ends up with not verifying message. is something i am doing wrong ? my bootloader is locked and i don't want to use fastboot or edl. is there a simple way i am missing switching...
  12. imortalitzik

    Play Store And Built In App Store

    my phone, bought from china , has internal app store which can't be removed. after installing google play, everything is fine except for the fact that when i click on apk link from any where (from apps from example) it opens the built in app store and not the play store. how can i switch...
  13. imortalitzik

    Mi4c - Waze Loose Gps Signal

    hi, i open waze and set my track. during navigation i open another app and waze (is in thre background) when switching back to waze i have noticed that gps signal got lost every time and need a few seconds to get back again. it happens with every app i open during navigation. the app background...
  14. imortalitzik

    No Alarm When System Sound Is Off

    hi , could someone tell me if suddenly when you mute system sound, the alarm is also mute and not vibrate also. the phone shows the alarm when it's coming but no sound or vibrate. Sent from my Mi-4c using Tapatalk
  15. imortalitzik

    Edge Tap Not Working Smooth

    does anyone tried the edge tap ? it is just we or it doesn't work so smooth... once it works once not... how to fix it ? Sent from my Mi-4c using Tapatalk
  16. imortalitzik

    Chinese Menu

    there is a Chinese menu on "manage apps battery" could someone tell me what i should mark there ? Sent from my Mi-4c using Tapatalk
  17. imortalitzik

    Mi4c Twrp Or Updater

    ok so i have install latest build with twrp as the forum said. now , i need to install any future update with twrp or can i go back to updater app ? Sent from my Mi-4c using Tapatalk
  18. imortalitzik

    Camera Flash Doesn't Synced

    anyone experiencing issue when shooting picture with stock camera at the dark ? the flash is working but i think it's not synced with the shutter so the pictures came out dark. could you please check to see if you have this issue also with latest weekly release ???? thanks Sent from my MI 4W...
  19. imortalitzik

    Bluetooth Issue On Miui-5.3.6

    hi , do you experience any issue with Bluetooth connectivity, link to car Bluetooth for example. since the 5.3.6 update . my phone has trouble direct connect to a saved Bluetooth devices. anyone ? Sent from my MI 4W using Tapatalk 2
  20. imortalitzik

    Video Recording Noise

    Anyone experiencing high frequency noise when playing reordered video ??? Sent from my MI 4W using Tapatalk 2