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    My phone is NOT encrypted

    Ok. Thank you for your help. I will flash it again and have a look to crypto state. Have a nice day ;-)
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    My phone is NOT encrypted

    Setting a password to the recovery won't crypt your phone. If you lose it, it juste need to be reflashed with another recovery, and your data are available... Too bad for me...
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    rooter pour mon redmi note 7

    Avec Magisk, ça root sans problème si ton bootloader est débloqué. Installe OrangeFox (tuto sur XDA) et ensuite, sous OrangeFox, installe Magisk. Au passage, si tu cherches une ROM Alternativen, je te conseille plutôt EvoX plutôt que Lineage, car elle est mieux aboutie. Lineage est un projet non...
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    My phone is NOT encrypted

    Hi all. I have used EvolutionX ROM for a long time, and now, i tried ROM on my Lavender. It works fine, but I am surprised to see that the phone is not encrypted. When I reboot to OrangeFox Recovery, no password is required and I can access to all data. Is it possible to activate the...