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    MIUI 9 7.8.24

    Same here. Especially the missing quickball button on the left and the non-hideable naviagtion bar (used to work with swipe down before) bothers me. @ingbrzy: I don't want to bother you but because you didn't answer to that problem yet i guess you just haven't seen it. Since I think that this is...
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    MIUI 8.6 7.7.20 - Last Miui 8

    Thanks for your quick reply, but i think you understood me wrong. The problem is the copying process using windows explorer. There the process always gets interrupted. Using push in CMD it works perfectly. The normal installation in TWRP then works too once the file is copied
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    MIUI 8.6 7.7.20 - Last Miui 8

    I have found the reason why this happens, since it happens at my device with every version. The download and the file itself doesnt have an error and works perfectly once installed. The copying-process from your computer to your device causes this issue! If you look closely the process...