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  1. Nikko_Foxx

    Screenshot Bug on Dev.21.4.22 - Lavender

    Hi there! As I said in title, for about 3 weeks, I can't no longer take screenshots, let alone edit them, because when I go to tap It on top right of the screen to edit, a window appears that reads: 'To be able to edit items, download the plug-in first. Download it now?', and obviously the...
  2. Nikko_Foxx

    Invalid Themes Application won't work

    Hi there. I'm now on v.9.12.5 (Redmi Note 7) and I can't use the Themes Browser; opening the App appears a pop-up: "Themes aren't supporter in your region"...never happend before this version. Apart from that, my warmest thanks to the developers.