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  1. Xtreme089

    WiFi connected but no internet - Mi 11 Pro

    Hi all, I have the Mi 11 Pro with the stable EU ROM 12.5.4 At the beginning everything was great but in the recent weeks I have been experiencing very poor WiFi. It says it's connected and I have full signal but websites or apps won't load or very slowly. Is this a bug or a hardware issue...
  2. Xtreme089

    Installing EU ROM on my Mi 11 PRO

    Hello all, I submitted the request to unlock my bootloader last week via the official website so in a few hours I can finally start replacing the current China ROM from my Mi 11 PRO with the EU/Global version. Main reason I'm doing it is because I noticed some apps don't show me notifications...
  3. Xtreme089

    Mi 11 Pro (no global version) worth it or should I flash?

    Hi all, I'm new to this forum and also in the Xiaomi area. After all the recent launches and the great development over the past few months and years I made up my mind to get the Mi 11 Pro. I'm based in Ireland and know this phone will not get a global release. On various websites such as...