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  1. .bastian

    Green Tinted Screen - Display Broken?

    Hi, yesterday the screen of my girlfriends Mi4 suddenly turned into a green tinted color mode. In my opinion it seems like the red sub-pixels are completely broken. Its not just a software problem until also fast boot and recovery mode showing the same issue. Because she really likes her Mi4...
  2. .bastian

    [guide] - Set Up Microg On Bugers Cm12.1

    With microG we're finally able to get rid of the unnecessary bloated Gapps packages on our phones without loosing the PlayStore and Pushmessage support. Only for comparison: The smallest OpenGapps package has about 65MB, microG only <15MB. First of all, microG isn't my own project. All I...
  3. .bastian

    [rom] Ivan's Aosp Marshmallow 6.0 - [6.3.22]

    All the released versions of ivans Marshmallow AOSP so far. If you find bugs in any version, please report it here to complete the list corresponding to that version. Actual Version by Ivan (6.3.22): [MD5: b3a4ec46eb7647f5c2616ef93cd80d59]...
  4. .bastian

    [rom][lp] Flymeos #updated 2015-11-18

    Right at the beginning: This it not my work, i found this on -> CLICK. All the credits should go to the developers. Works fine on merged partitions so far and before anyone asks: i dont know if it works on classic partitions. But the file has about 520MB so in my opinion its to heavy...
  5. .bastian

    *******.com - Trusted Shop?

    Has anyone made some experiences with *******.com concerning delivery from europe and original devices? I`m thinking about buying a Mi4 and it would be nice to get it directly from a european warehouse..
  6. .bastian

    Battery Change Mi4

    Does anybody know if there is any way to replace the battery although its not intended to do this? Actually im tinkering with the idea to buy a Mi4, but generally i`d like to change the battery instead of changing the whole phone when the battery power fades away.