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  1. NoOne

    Mi8 Global stable ROM questions

    Hello guys, i do understand this is not MIUI forum but i believe most of you have gone through this questions... All my Xiaomi phones i had before was instantly unlocked and moved to custom rom, mostly Cyanogen / Lineage OS now. Recently i got Mi8SE (seller unlocked and with MIUI 10...
  2. NoOne

    MI8SE no notification icons near notch

    Hello, Mi8SE tehre is still no notification icons near notch, when it will be fixed?
  3. NoOne

    TWRP witch support F2FS for MI8SE?

    Anyone knows TWRP for MI8SE witch supports F2FS and tested it? I tried 3 and none can format Cache and data to f2fs. Thanks.
  4. NoOne

    New MI8 SE sensors not working

    Hi, anyone please help me!!! I am on MIUI 10 8.8.16, i thougt it was 8.8.3 bug but it is same on 8.8.16, none of sensors is working, as example gyroscope, rotation is not working, seems to be light sensor problem... Can it be OS problem or hardware? How to troubleshoot? Phone is from...