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  1. Coolek33 internet browser

    Hi. Anyone got installable .apk of internet browser implemented in latest beta?
  2. Coolek33

    Feature request: fingerprint scanner notification pulse

    I'm on mi 9 se and it doesn't have any notification diode. I'm not using screen always on feature as well. But maybe there's a possibility to in screen fingerprint scanner pulse when there's a notification? It would be a cool feature in my opinion. It could be pulsing with that fingerprint icon...
  3. Coolek33

    QUESTION flash latest beta from global 11.0.6

    Hi. I have a question about flashing from global 11.0.6. It is on Android 9 and I want to flash latest beta and It is on Android 10. I just want to know if It can lock my bootloader on my mi9se? I had this kind of situation twice on previous devices and I had to Ask for edl flash with...
  4. Coolek33

    Battery percentage

    Does rom provide a percentage battery indicator in statusbar for redmi 6 pro?
  5. Coolek33

    Percentage battery

    Hi. Does provide a percentage battery indicator setting for redmi 6 pro?