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  1. BadDigestion

    MULTI 6.5.26 - Last Miui 7!

    Dude, the original ROM on MIUI forums was like released 30 minutes ago.
  2. BadDigestion

    Miui 8 For Redmi Note 2

    The developer ROM for Redmi Note 2 is leaked on the MIUI forums if you guys are interested. Couldn't post a link without 10 post
  3. BadDigestion

    MULTI 6.5.19

    I just noticed this today after I wiped my device and flashed 6.5.12 again. I was always on the latest developer rom till 6.5.12 but I never had the recent menu like this until I wiped factory reset and flashed 6.5.12 again. When was this added? PS: I know it's not 6.5.19 but I just flashed...
  4. BadDigestion

    Recommended Rom For Redmi Note 2

    I think your best bet would be the latest stable rom from Since you're in the forums now.
  5. BadDigestion

    New [rn2][6.1.21]unable To Change Wallpaper

    I'm not sure anyone else if experiencing this but this happens to me on my RN2 on 6.1.21. When I open up wallpaper settings, I get a blank page and it crashes when I choose change wallpaper.