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  1. cyberon

    In Progress lockscren background bug

    Hi guys, quick question, has anyone managed to fix the issue with the stock lockscreen where the wallpaper appears before the lockscreen background ?
  2. cyberon

    In Progress 2.6.8 SGS2 - Almost perfect!

    The only bugs i noticed were the radio notification bar menu not being themed, and also, the swipe bettwen screens is doing a small "jump". By the way, is there a way to change the default photos folder on the Gallery App? I am saving the photos to the SDCard, so they are not showing on the...
  3. cyberon

    Translation "bugs" on MIUI V4 SGS2

    Here is what i found so far: Power-Reboot- "Prevent use of camera" (it should say Reboot); Themes-Apply new theme- "applying new theme, please wait..." (one . is on the second line); Settings- Status bar and Factory should have the word settings removed, as all the all the others don`t. If...
  4. cyberon

    SGS2 Gallery FC Fix

    If someone is having this issue, try taking a picture with camera app and it will be fixed!
  5. cyberon

    MIUI Weather app at

    Great news guys, our favourite weather app is working at, wouldn't be great if "someone" could add English language. ;)
  6. cyberon

    Auto brightness off.

    Is anyone having issues with auto brightness? I turned it on, but it keeps turning off on my N1 with 1.9.2. Thanks
  7. cyberon

    [MIUI Browser] Slow navigation and hangups!

    Anyone having issues with the new MIUI Browser, on my N1 its really slow ant it "hangs" while loading some heavy pages (ex: Any ideas and help would be very appreciated! Thanks
  8. cyberon

    [Bug-List] Post the bugs you found that need to be fixed before the "stable" version.

    Hi guys, MIUI reached a point where we almost cant find anything to fix, nevertheless there are a few bugs that need to be fixed before our beloved developers, back in China, release a supposed "stable" version, next week. So i purpose that we group our findings so Mark could send a report...
  9. cyberon

    Removind date from lockscreen topbar!

    Hi guys, now that we have the new lockscreens, one little thing is a bit odd, the date is duplicated. Anyone knows if it is possible to remove/hide the date from the topbar? Thanks.
  10. cyberon

    Applications gone after nadroid restore!

    Big problem guys! :( I have made a nandroid backup with AmonRA so i could try a different rom, now that i have restored it, some apps are showing default icon, and when trying to open them, it says "Application not installed on your phone" any ideas? Thanks. Looks like we need to select the...
  11. cyberon

    Go Weather MIUI skin! ;)

    Looking good, don't you think?
  12. cyberon

    Screen issue on N1. Anyone knows what might be causing this on my N1?
  13. cyberon

    Call delay fix!

    Hi Mark, think you can point this to the Chinese developers!,5420 Thanks.
  14. cyberon

    MIUI updated to 2.3.4

    According to Google, four important fixes are present! * On the Nexus S, a sunset or a restart could occur unintentionally * On the Nexus S, icons Wi-Fi and 3G could appear permanently active when it is not necessarily the case * On the Nexus One, autonomy should return to its normal state...
  15. cyberon

    Add contact to phone!

    On stock android we can add contacts to the phone, is there a way to do that on MIUI? Thanks.
  16. cyberon

    Incall screen bug!

    My In-call screen is showing the top of the white box from the Hang-up call feature. Nexus1 Ps: Fixed on 1.5.6.
  17. cyberon

    Replace MIUI search?

    Hi guys, anyone knows how to replace "MIUI search" with "Google search", when we press the search button on the phone? Thanks.
  18. cyberon

    Auto brightness not woking!

    Hi guys, With auto brightness, when in low light the brightness keeps going up and down. Thanks MIUI 1.1.28 N1
  19. cyberon

    Programs gone!

    Strange thing happened yesterday, i rearranged my icons into folders and after a reboot the folders where gone and i wasn't able to see and open the programs anymore. Any idea why? Thanks MIUI 1.1.28 N1