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  1. Florin Tiuga

    Default font size in mail app

    Greeting, Does anybody knows if there's a way to change the default font size in the built-in mail app? Or it has to be set for every new mail? Thank you.
  2. Florin Tiuga

    Text missalianedin mail app

    I have the following issue (see attached screenshot): the cursor is missalliagned with the text. Does anybody knows a fix for the issue? Sent from my MI 8 using Tapatalk
  3. Florin Tiuga

    How To Disable Permissions Manager?

    Hi to everyone, Just flashed 6.9.8 (clean install) and now I can't find the option to disable or unable permission manager in Security Center? I can only enable install via ADB. Anyone has a clue? Am I doing something wrong or is this particular option gone? Looking forward to you answers.
  4. Florin Tiuga

    Notification Toggle Edit

    Hi guys, Anybody knows how I can dismiss the notification icon next to the watch and the the row with the memory cleaner, battery and the blocklist. I don't know how I activated and I can get ridd of it. Thanks in advance.