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  1. Atanas Chebishev

    Mi 10t Lite - VOLTE

    Hello. I am from Bulgaria and i have the following suggestion: I've activated VOLTE on my SIM card. The provider is A1 Bulgaria. And the service is working fine with other phones (Mi 10 lite, Huawei p40 lite, Mi note 3), but it doesn't work on my phone. The reason is simple: The default profile...
  2. Atanas Chebishev China Stable Is Comming

    i can't attach an image as url so.. this is the "changelog "
  3. Atanas Chebishev Nchcnfa China Stable Is Out

    Hi, guys. I've just installed this build via EDL and waiting for to release it Any information about the time between Xiaomi release -> release? This is not a leak: Recovery: Fastboot...
  4. Atanas Chebishev China Stable Leaked

    As the title says: This must be the BETA version of the next China Stable: and.. ofcourse - the changelog: Highlights . New - Switches for common settings in search results (04-06) . Optimization - Use...