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  1. Ferfis

    Invalid MI 9 20.7.9 screenshot roll option doesn't work properly in Chrome

    I am not sure is this a bug of Chrome or maybe a combination, in other apps like Tapatalk works wells. But in Chrome (84.0.4147.89) only capture the first screen image although in Chrome scrolled the window. Sent from my MI 9 using Tapatalk
  2. Ferfis

    Browser system app settings in dark mode not display correctly

    Using dark mode in Browser settings, the options are not display in dark mode so the text is not displayed. MI 9 Weekly release 12.1 2020.7.2 Sent from my MI 9 using Tapatalk
  3. Ferfis

    New Transferring files to Mi 9 crash using Android File Transfer (Mac)

    I am not sure if there is a problem with MIUI 11 EU rom version, but after installed it. When I try to transfer any files, doesn't matter the kind and size, Android File Transfer application in Mac stop transferring saying "Can't access device storage" and I need to change the Charging type...
  4. Ferfis

    Can a backup made in MIUI 11 stable China ROM restored in EU ROM after?

    Is it work? I am using the official China stable ROM MIUI 11 but after review and read a lot of good comments, I want to try the EU rom in Mi 9. it had been unlocked previously because I had changed to global version MIUI 10 but it doesn't have several features included in China ROM, so I...