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  1. gonewild

    [rom] Mokee 7.1.2 And 8.1

    I tried this one and it seems pretty solid. I cannot try data and phone calling, cause my imei and baseband are gone. Also camera video recording doesn't work (at least to me). No other bugs so far
  2. gonewild

    Mi2 .qcn File Request - Imei Corrupted

    My Xiaomi Mi2 imei and baseband are invalid (unknown), probably because of some flashing...I need that somebody shares his .qcn file of Xiaomi Mi 2 to solve my problem (i am gonna use my imei, i still have it from the mi2 box). You can create a .qcn file with qpst very easily. To backup your...
  3. gonewild

    How To Change Radio Band On Miui7

    My 3g doesn't work anymore after messing up with radio band by entering the testing mode (*#*#4636#*#*) --> phone information --> select radio band (3 dots in the right corner) --> click on usa band (i'm in europe). I get this situation: but without the euro band, only with aus2 and usa...
  4. gonewild

    Tapatalk issue

    I can't access to the forum with tapatalk. Any suggestions?
  5. gonewild

    MI2 with 3100mah battery cover

    Does anybody know if there are some covers for the mi2 with extended capacity battery? Thanks Edit tpu or gel cover I mean Edit 2: found it on alibaba
  6. gonewild

    New [3.4.19] Backup.apk Crash

    Hi, I've the miui 3.4.19 on system 1 and 2 of my MI2. In system 2 the backup.apk has no malfunctions but in system 1 it crashes when I press the button "backup". Any reason? I upload the log: