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  1. sezinlynn

    Mi 10 Ultra battery draining too much.

    I updated to EU 20.9.17 via TWRP after downloading the update via PC. Last night it drained 12% while I was sleeping. But today it's getting worse. It has drained 11% within 1 hr and 37 min. Here is the picture of my battery usage stats. I only have 6 apps for "No Restrictions" in battery...
  2. sezinlynn

    Bootloader unlock question for Mi 10 Ultra

    Hello everyone, I would like to unlock the bootloader and learned that I have to wait for a certain amount of time. But in the Mi Unlock when I press the Unlock button, it says that the data will be wiped. I would like to know if the data wipe will happen as soon as I click the Unlock button, or...