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    New MI9T PRO Messaging clipboard access.

    20.12.2 build..i unable to paste item on my clipboard to messaging apps..its usable on other apps, but when i paste it in messaging apps, nothing appear..
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    New OTG Reviewing Current Content

    Once plug in otg drive, the status stuck at "reviewing current content". but it is accessible via explorer..and needed to eject it from storage setting..the notification remain as "reviewing current content". mi9t pro. been since about 3 or 4 updates ago.
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    New Region

    Mi5 I think the default region is kinda mess in 9.7.4...because a lot of my country based apps is not listed in the google play. when i flash back to previous rom, its there..and also theres an apps i install, its default language changed to polska if im not mistaken.
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    Custom Status bar on MIUI

    I've use miui ct or masik before. they have custom status bar like aosp & ios alike. but i'm sticking to miui eu rite now as its provide regular update. is there any flashable aosp status bar compatible with miui eu ? i dont want to use status bar pro apps etc as i dont want to root my phone.
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    I've heard there are news that miui china rom for mi5 8.11.22 will be the last for soon is miui eu gonna continue with global developer or just gonna discontinued as well?