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    MI 10s TWRP and Magisk installation

    Can someone tell me how to install the twrp from on the Mi 10s? Either instructions, or tutorials or videos would be great help. Also, is there a special procedure to install magisk once the twrp is installed?
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    Widevine L1

    Is it just me or there's still no widevine L1 for miui 12 eu. Or is there any fix or workaround to have it working?
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    Weekly roms

    On weekly roms, do you guys recommend dirty flashing or clean flash after every new version is released?
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    Stable to beta

    To change from stable to beta, do i just need to dirty flash the weekly rom?
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    MIUI 11 PORTS & GSIs

    **This thread should be pinned as first in the Mi pad 4 forum** In this post, there will be the links for the latest(threads) ports and gsis of MIUI11 for the mi pad 4/plus: MIUI 11 Android 9 (PORT)...