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    Can't Boot into TWRP

    Hey, I used to update xiaomi weekly updates from fastbook, now i see that the weekly update requires TWRP so i tried to restart into TWRP on my Mi 11 ultra but It just wont show up, Any idea where my TWRP dissapared? thanks
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    Going from weekly to stable backup

    I want to go from weekly version to stable one, I was wondering whether the backup from weekly would work to recover when installing the stable version?
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    How to update mi 11 ultra to the Latest Weekly rom? Android 12

    Hey, so i currently have Android 11 Miui 12.6 Xiaomi EU 21.9.1 Weekly update I want to update to the new Android 12 latest update ( 21.11.3) and i read somehere that i cant just normally update through the phone and i need to flash this update since the TWRP wont update to Android 12, can anyone...
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    How to upgrade via phone?

    Hey I have mi 11 ultra and weekly Xiaomi EU version. I never updated it and now I want to update it via the phone TWRP and not via PC but I have no idea how, can someone please explain me the steps?
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    Update weekly version every couple of weeks

    Hey, I didn't update my weekly version for like a month +, can I just flash the latest weekly ROM or will I have to update each update untill the last one?
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    Xiaomi EU updates

    Hey, if i will flash the Xiaomi EU version on my Mi 11 ultra, Will it get updates via OTA or will i have to flash every new update from PC again and again?
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    Xiaomi mi 11 ultra CN Version miui 12.5.7

    Hey, I have a bug where I don't see Pop up notifications of some apps! I've gone through and enabled autostart, enabled EVERY permission, disabled battery saving, enabled and disabled MIUI optimization, nothing seems to make push notifications come through as they should I do see the icon tray...
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    Call recorder on Xiaomi.EU Mi 11 ultra

    Hey i have the mi 11 ultra with the Chinese Version, i want to flash Xiaomi.EU, does it have the Call recorder option like the Chinese rom has?