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    No More ROM update ? after china rom now global rom too? so no more rom than ? :emoji_disappointed_relieved::emoji_sob::emoji_sob::emoji_sob:
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    any latest ROM (dev) that not kill your battery ?

    Hi.. i'm using mi 5 pro with dev (usually)now i'm on stable before this i'm on 8.1.1 and happy with it i upgrade to 8.3.4 and my phone getting hot (batt temp 40-42 degree) bad batt live after 2 days i upgrade it again to 8.3.26 (latest nougat) still having problem with batt but...
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    Tap & Pay Menu?

    where can i find tap & pay menu in 7.11.2 i want to use my mi 5 and nfc to make payment using my network emoney but cannot find tap & pay menu bellow nfc thank you
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    How To Fix 2-step Verification In 7.9.21

    clean install from china dev 7.9.21 to 7.9.21 but never pass 2-step verification the phone receive sms, but google cannot read it and not able to input manual like WA or LINE after disabling 2 step, i can login to gmail and sync is normal but if i turn 2 step verification on again...
  5. I Rom Based On Global Beta Rom For Redmi 3 Pro

    finaly there is a global beta rom for our beloved redmi 3 (pro) will it be different from or may by will make rom based on this rom instead from china dev? enlighten me please.