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    Xiaomi 12S Ultra Xiaomi.EU Rom Support

    Dear Xiaomi.EU Administrators It will be great, if you can tell the community here, if Xiaomi 12S Ultra will have Xiaomi.EU Rom support when you have more information. Many Thanks. Best regards.
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    Xiaomi Mi Mix 4 / Xiaomi Mi Pad 5 - Xiaomi.EU Rom Support

    Dear Xiaomi.EU Team Unfortunately, we don't get a Xiaomi.EU Rom for the Mi Mix Fold. I hope, you can give us an update as soon as you can, if you will / can support the Mi Mix 4 or the Mi Pad 5 with EU Rom. Thank you for your great job and have a good time. Regards from Switzerland.
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    Xiaomi Mi 10 Ultra - Xiaomi.EU Rom support?

    Hello I would like buy a Mi 10 Ultra in china, because Xiaomi confirms this device will be not available globaly. Can someone confirm if there will be a Xiaomi.EU Rom support with multilanguage for this device? I am sorry, maybe i am to early with this question :) Thanks for a feedback and...
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    Mi Note 10 Pro Xiaomi.EU Rom

    Hello Today i got my Mi Note 10 Pro. Can someone confirm if i can flash the Xiaomi.EU version from CC9 Pro/Mi Note 10 also for Mi Note 10 Pro? Thanks for an answer. Kind regards.
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    Mi 9T / Redmi K20 TWRP for Xiaomi.EU 9.9.26 Android 10 MIUI 11

    Hello I already installed Xiaomi.EU 9.9.26 for my Mi 9T / Redmi K20 I saw now my previous installed TWRP is gone, uninstalled automatically after i flashed Xiaomi.EU 9.9.26 (Android 10, MIUI 11) Does anyone know, which TWRP can now be installed via Fastboot for further Rom updates from...