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    Mi 8 lite cant open camera

    The base camera app still ok, not problem but if i open camera in another app it's show a toast with text "failed " like this: Please help me guy, sorry about my bad english, hope guy can read and understand
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    Can any one delete miui_mod_icons?

    I dont like the icons of faceboock,mess,... in miui_mod_icons and my friend too. How can i delete or another way to change that icon to default? If i root my phone, i can delete that, but my friend can't root his phone, and everytime i update miui, that icon will back Sorry about my bad...
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    Delete/change... miui mod icon in EU rom with another theme

    I dont want to use this mod icon (fb,mess,steam,...). If i root my phone I can delete that file to restore a default icon. But my friend dont want to root, i think i will create a theme which have icons of EU rom theme but dont have mod icons, i created but when i apply this theme, the icon...
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    How to enable 2api on android 10

    I want to use ggcam but I cant enable 2api on android 10. I have tried the same way on android 9 but it's not working. Same one can help me, pls? I using mi 8 lite running android 10 rom EU dev 20.1.21