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    Third Party Launcher + Gestures

    As an update on this as well. I was in the same boat 2 days ago... I followed the same instructions as posted above (settings put global force_fsg_nav_bar 1) and that worked for me without fault. I've also downloaded an app called Terminal Shortcut and put that command in there. I then added a...
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    EdXposed Installation Assistance - Cannot seem to make it work

    Hello all, Has anyone been able to install EdXposed successfully on Mi 11 Ultra with latest EU rom? Are there any instructions available?
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    What are people rooting their devices for?

    Hi All, I am a fanboy of Android for many many years, but recently switched to Apple and though it was okay, I decided to go back to Android. Used to be on Samsung devices but decided to give Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra a try, so here I am... I currently got an update this morning for 12.5.7, so...