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  1. shadowerwtas

    Discord Server

    Hello there, To Admins / Moderators mainly. I see a new option regarding Telegram Group in the page. I appreciate that move for a real time chat, etc. But i have a better alternative which comes by the name Discord. Many of you might have already heard of it or actually using it. Discord...
  2. shadowerwtas

    Xiaomi Bluetooth Speaker 4.1

    Hey there i got a question regarding the Bluetooth Speaker 4.1 (http://www.*******/Original-Xiaomi-Hands-free-Round-Wireless-Bluetooth-V4_1-Speaker-2-With-Mic-1200mAh-p-1044853.html) Does anyone know if this speaker can connect to bluetooth 4.0 devices?
  3. shadowerwtas

    Mobile Data Problem?

    Hey there, Does anyone else have problem with his mobile data on 7.2.23? Normally i am using always WiFi but today because i was outside i turned on mobile data and while the button turned color indicating that it's on i see no icon on the notification bar for data. I checked all the settings...
  4. shadowerwtas

    Problem With 7.2.23 And Unlocking Bootloader

    Hello, Few days ago i followed the guide in the link: on how to upgrade to android 7 from 5.1 for our phone Mi4c. Specifically i updated via the Updater to 6.12.22 as it says and then straight to 7.2.23 (which is the one i am running right...
  5. shadowerwtas

    Confused Over Updating Or Not And From Where!

    Hello everyone, I am really confused on what i have to do in general with the updates. But let me explain you first. I bought my Xiaomi Mi4c from ******* in the past and while i was watching in the updater i saw that all this time 0 updates came online so i dig up a bit on the Internet and...